The Thanksgiving Turkey Dilemma: Watery, Chemical-Laden Grocery Store Bird, or Happy Heritage Breed?

Photo by Matt Billings via Wikipedia

Earlier this month, I was reading a health magazine that comes in our local paper, the Grand Rapids Press, and saw an article on heritage turkeys. Since the 1960’s grocery stores have been selling broad-breasted turkeys, which is apparently what poultry processors wanted to develop back then, putting the heritage turkey (such as the Bourbon Red turkey, shown above) out of demand. Once considered “old-fashioned,” heritage breeds are making a comeback.

Heritage turkey breeder Mari Krebs of Steinbacher Poultry Farm in St. Joseph, Michigan, along with her family, is bringing back the savory flavor of old-fashioned birds with Bourbon Reds.

Photo via

And they’re doing it the right way: At Steinbacher Poultry Farm, all of their birds are bred naturally, pastured, and fed non-GMO feed without antibiotics.

Why would you want one of those water-injected, factory farm birds from the local grocery store?

You can order your turkey in advance from the farm at $5.50 per pound, according to the article. And, you can even raise your own by purchasing eggs or poults.


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