Time to Stock Up for Winter

In case you thought the growing season was over, I’m here to say–at least in West Michigan–it’s still going strong.

Check out the bounty of vegetables I picked up today at the Holland Farmers Market, primarily from Visser Farms: potatoes, carrots, red and yellow onions, tomatoes, and garlic. Plus, I got some red peppers from another vendor.

Now is the time to stock up. You can keep things like squash and apples in your garage, or some place that the temperatures won’t get much below freezing. I have found that root vegetables, however, do better in cold storage, such as the refrigerator. And, I’ve heard that some root vegetables, such as carrots, can be stored in sand, or in the ground.

Even though the actual market will end in Holland on December 11, you can still get local produce from Visser Farms throughout the winter on Fridays, or at a couple of indoor markets in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Visit their website for more information.

Thanks to the farmers who are braving the cold weather by coming out through mid-December to sell their produce in Holland!


2 responses to “Time to Stock Up for Winter

  1. Thanks for giving the farmers kudos – they certainly deserve it. A whole hearted thank-you from me.

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