There Really Is a Garden on the White House Lawn

One thing I like about First Lady Michelle Obama is her involvement in the food movement. From her Let’s Move! program to the White House Garden, she’s setting a positive example about how to eat healthy.

In September, when Bill and I went to Washington, D.C., we walked by the White House on a quest to see the garden. Unfortunately, it’s far from the gate we have to stand behind so I couldn’t see what vegetables were growing. But, there is definitely a garden on the White House lawn!

In 2009, 1,000 pounds of food were harvested, feeding people both at the White House and at nearby homeless shelters. According to the Christian Science Monitor, Mrs. Obama decided to expand it by 400 square feet in 2010 to add four new vegetables: bok choy, cauliflower, artichokes, and mustard greens.

I wish we could have seen the produce. The Baltimore Sun reports that the garden has produced more than a ton of food since it was planted in the spring of 2009. This fall’s crops included pumpkins (grown for the first time on the White House lawn), sweet potatoes, peppers, kohlrabi, lettuces, broccoli, eggplant and herbs.

So we didn’t get to see them up close, but at least we got to see Bo, the First Family’s dog! He was hanging out with some workers on the lawn.

For more information about the White House Garden, check out this YouTube video.


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