An Already Bleak Life May Get More Grim for Feedlot Cows

Photo by the Associated Press, via NPR

And what does that mean for those who eat feedlot meat?

The Associated Press (AP) reported via NPR that the market for domestic meat has withered, which could result in a trend toward lesser-quality meat on American dinner tables. The struggle to get a competitive price could put meat producers out of business, pressuring others to sell sicker, weaker cows.

According to the AP, “the cash market for domestic beef has been declining slowly for years. But The Associated Press interviewed cattle producers in the nation’s big ranching states who reported having no choice but to sell the vast majority of their cattle to one buyer.” Without a competitive market, experts say, cattle producers could lose the motivation to raise high-quality meat. Some of them might cut corners on medicine, feed and veterinary care.

The consequences of cost cutting feed directly into the food  system. How do you feel about that when there are already enough problems with feedlot meat, from drug injections to contamination in slaughterhouses to inhumane treatment of cows and an oversized carbon footprint?

It’s another reason to choose grassfed, pastured beef from a local farmer you know and trust, or go vegetarian.

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