My Winter Herb Garden Experiment

Today I went to the Holland Farmers Market, as I often do on Saturdays, but I know that the season will soon come to a close, so I’m thinking of the winter ahead.

Visser Farms, one of the largest vendors with a big variety of vegetables, was selling a potted herb garden that I just couldn’t resist. I was looking for a pot of parsley to keep in my breezeway, along with my rosemary, like I did last winter, when I spotted this nice mixture of herbs, kale, and arugula.

I have to say, I’m a bit skeptical about the basil surviving long. Tomorrow night temps are supposed to be in the 20’s. But my breezeway stays pretty temperate. And the windows face south, so it’s sort of like a greenhouse.

What do you think? Any chance everything will survive?

I’ll report back each month. Meanwhile, it’s nice to enjoy fresh, young green plants to snip for my culinary adventures as the season wanes into winter.

Next time I report on the herb garden, we will likely have snow!

2 responses to “My Winter Herb Garden Experiment

  1. I am doing the same! Hope it works for you and keep me posted.

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