Eastern Market: A Lively Market for a Lively Neighborhood

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is visit farmers’ markets. It’s a fun way to see what’s in season in the area you’re exploring, or to buy some snacks for your trip.

I had read about the Eastern Market in Washington, D.C., so when Bill and I were there last month we decided to check it out one Sunday morning.  The Eastern Market is Washington D.C.’s oldest continually operated fresh food public market.

Built in 1873, it’s located in the heart of the historic Capitol Hill neighborhood, and is not only a destination for fresh food and handmade goods, but also a hub for community events. (It was a bit subdued that rainy morning but the pedestrian-only streets make this location an asset for social activities!)

In addition to various arts and crafts for sale, there are also farmers and outdoor food vendors selling local produce and other delicious items.

And inside, there are myriad indoor vendors who sell meat, poultry, pasta, bread, cheese, you name it.

They even have their own custom bike racks!

If you live in D.C., or plan to visit, check out this market with its locally grown fruits, vegetables, and flowers from nearby farms in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia, plus more than 100 exhibitors of handmade arts and crafts.


2 responses to “Eastern Market: A Lively Market for a Lively Neighborhood

  1. Refreshing example of people-centered urban planning!

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