Taste of Greenmarket 2010: A Celebration of Local Farmers, Food, and the Chefs Who Champion Them

Last Wednesday night Bill and I had the opportunity to attend the Third Annual Taste of Greenmarket in New York City, and what a feast it was. But it wasn’t just about eating. The event is a celebration of local farmers and food, and the chefs who champion them, all to benefit the Greenmarket’s Youth Education Project. A program of the nonprofit GrowNYC, Greenmarket is the largest and most diverse outdoor farmers market in the country.

Here’s how the event will help New York City school kids:

  • Greenmarket tours
  • Interactive Meet Your Farmer classroom visits
  • Farm Fresh Cooking Classes with professional chefs
  • On the Farm visits so city kids can learn how food is grown and how animals are raised
  • Seed to Plate standards-aligned curricula

The event was locavore heaven. Imagine the best chefs in New York, getting together in one location, using local ingredients, and offering their creations to sample all in one night. I had heard about the Taste of Greenmarket last year but not in time to be able to get to New York. This year, Bill and I planned ahead.

The place was packed.

Bill and I managed to sample many dishes.

Such as beer-poached lamb butter sausage with apple mostarda and Drunk Monk cheese from Rose Water.

And sheep’s yogurt panna cotta with Tristar strawberries and anise hyssop from Craftbar.

As well as short rib terrine with red Russian kale and tomato jam from Employees Only.

Around 30 chefs and mixologists were at the event including:

Julia Jaksic of Employees Only. She made the delicious beef rib terrine shown above. (Check out her blog, The Butcher’s Daughter, to see what else she’s up to.)

April Bloomfield (at far right) of The Spotted Pig, The Breslin, and The John Dory Oyster Bar. She made a fabulous fresh market bean and zucchini soup, by the way.

Dan Barber of Blue Hill New York and Blue Hill at Stone Barns. (Check out last summer’s blog posts to read how much I enjoyed my experience at both restaurants: “A Farmer’s Feast” and “Farm to City Dining.”)

Here are photos representing some of the other restaurateurs that created delicious tastes for us.

There was also a silent auction to raise additional funds for the cause.

And, did you notice the plates the food was served on? It’s “dinnerware from fallen leaves,” by Verterra. These environmentally-friendly plates, bowls and serving dishes are made only from two products: fallen leaves and water.

It was a very fun event, for a good cause and with ethical thinking behind it. Bill and I were so glad we attended, tasted, and contributed to a fundraiser with such a valuable purpose.


4 responses to “Taste of Greenmarket 2010: A Celebration of Local Farmers, Food, and the Chefs Who Champion Them

  1. I’m sad I missed that. Going to have to remember to go next year once I am back in the States

  2. It was a great event! Thanks for your insights and fun pictures. VerTerra is proud to be involved with talented chefs and local foods.

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