Every Blogger Needs a Breather

I’m amazed it’s already been over a year since I launched Life Is Fare. That’s a lot of blog posts, considering I’ve published one almost every day. And sometimes, a blogger just needs a break.

Truth is, I’ve got a lot going on. For one thing, I’m working on a cookbook I hope to have done by the holidays. It focuses on main dishes for people with allergies–mostly wheat, dairy, and corn, since that’s the experience I’ve had while adapting recipes for Bill.

And, I’ve got some exciting upcoming restaurant visits and food events I can’t wait to blog about. But first, I’ve decided to take a breather. Does that mean I’m abandoning my blog and you, the reader? No way. In fact, I hope my little break will enrich my content for all of us.

In actuality, I’ll continue to blog but it won’t be the almost daily cadence I’ve established since I began posting last summer. A recipe here and a news blurb there for sure.

I hope I haven’t disrupted anyone’s routine. Some of you subscribers will likely be glad to have one less email in your inboxes!

In the meantime, remember: You are what you eat. Life is fare.


2 responses to “Every Blogger Needs a Breather

  1. Always good to recharge the battery. Take care. Will keep an eye out for your return. I’ll keep emailing if I run across anything of interest.

    • Thanks for your support, Scott. I already have a post in the works for a restaurant I went to last night but I won’t be able to publish it right away. Please do continue to send me stuff. I appreciate the input!

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