Bellini Baubles

White peach juice is what makes a Bellini a Bellini. That plus Prosecco, and you’re golden. So last summer, when white peaches were in season, I pureed a whole bunch of them and froze the puree so Bill and I could enjoy Bellinis year-round. The problem was I put too much puree in my freezer containers and didn’t have enough Prosecco to balance it.

This year, the light bulb went off: Why not freeze the puree in ice cube trays so we’d have serving-size blocks of puree? I decided to call them Bellini Baubles.

I used white Saturn (or Doughnut) peaches from the market. Just remove the pits, peel them, and puree them in a juicer or blender. Then fill as many ice cube trays as you can.

Once they’re frozen in the tray, you simply dump them all into an airtight container and store them in the freezer.

Now, whenever I’m in the mood for a Bellini, I just open a bottle of Prosecco, put a bauble in a champagne flute, and pour Prosecco over it.

Our favorite brand is Zardetto.

Bill says he likes how cold the bauble makes the Prosecco. I like the simplicity of this drink. Sometimes we add a few raspberries.

You could also try Bon Appetit’s White Peach Summer Bellini recipe if you want to make the drink with a more subtle peach flavor. And, if you don’t have white peaches, you can use yellow peaches, or even peach nectar.

If you’re not baker or jam-maker, this is a great way to preserve the summer harvest in your freezer and have a delicious refreshing drink any time of the year. We like them for breakfast with oat cakes on Sunday morning!


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