Cheap Food Isn’t as Cheap as It Seems

It’s chicken-and-egg week here on Life Is Fare: Bad news about the egg industry is balanced with good news for urban chicken farmers in New York, plus I posted a recipe for spatchcock chicken!

Let’s revisit Salmonella situation: Check out last night’s interview with Michael Pollan on CNN’s Anderson Cooper. He claims we didn’t have problems with Salmonella in eggs before the 1970s like we do now. Why? Smaller flocks of chickens were raised outside and on pastures the way they’re supposed to be, not crammed into cages en masse spreading disease. Although you may pay less for that industrialized chicken egg, you–and U.S. taxpayers–ultimately pay the price when there’s a massive Salmonella outbreak like we’ve seen this month.

It’s just common sense to buy eggs from your local farmer.


2 responses to “Cheap Food Isn’t as Cheap as It Seems


    The last line before the jump says it all.

    “Still, experts concede that the move to send previously tainted eggs into the market might not sit well with a public worried about food poisoning. “

    • Exactly.

      I subscribe to the USDA and FDA email alerts. You wouldn’t believe how many salmonella/listeria/E. coli recall alerts I get each week! It is so scary the way our food industry operates.

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