Light Summer Favorites from the Farmers Market

This is the time of the growing season in West Michigan when there are so many vegetables and fruits to choose from, it’s hard not to be greedy. One way to preserve them, of course, is by canning, making jam, or freezing them.

But if you’re looking for some new recipes, check out Chef Randy Taylor’s suggestions from the Holland Farmers Market Chef Series: Warm Grilled Michigan Potato Salad and Sautéed Fruits over Ice Cream.

Executive Chef at Hope College’s Haworth Inn & Conference Center, Randy demonstrated “Light Summer Favorites” at this morning’s market.

He began by preparing the vegetables for the Warm Grilled Michigan Potato Salad.

The key to the dressing is the tomato puree, made from tomatoes that have been roasted, skinned, and squeezed to remove most of the juice and seeds.

A variety of vegetables make up the salad: redskin potatoes, zucchini, celery, green beans and yellow beans, a red onion, and garlic, as well as fresh herbs.

It’s a unique approach to a summer favorite!

Next, Randy showed us how to score, blanch, and peel peaches.

One of the key ingredients to the sauce is amaretto liqueur.

A mix of fruit adds layers of flavors as well as textures.

Spooned over ice cream, this recipe makes a refreshing summertime dessert!

These are two delicious recipes for dishes you can create with many ingredients that are in season at the farmers market.


2 responses to “Light Summer Favorites from the Farmers Market

  1. Does the chef have a cookbook I could purchase with his unique ceeations?

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