Red Russian Kale and Blue Potatoes


I’m a big fan of kale, which you might have noticed if you’ve seen my collection of kale recipes on my blog. And, it’s one of those vegetables I can get throughout most of the growing season in Michigan. 

I first got hooked on it when I had lacinato kale (or cavalo nero, i.e., black cabbage) in Tuscany. Also called Tuscan kale, it’s my favorite variety. Since I’ve had some success with curly kale in my garden, I use that occasionally in risotto, soups, or baked into kale chips. 

Curly kale (left) and lacinato, or Tuscan, kale

But this year is the first time I’ve tried red Russian kale–that beautiful red-stemmed, lobed-leaf variety.

Red Russian kale

 I found it at CJ Veggies at the Holland Farmers Market



Along with Eaters Guild, where I got the blue potatoes, they are one of several organic vegetable vendors that sell produce at the market. 


This simple recipe is a great way to combine vegetables in season into one dish. 

Red Russian Kale and Blue Potatoes

All I did was steam the potatoes for about five minutes in the microwave on high. Then I sliced them into pieces about 1/4-inch thick. 


Going along with the red and blue theme, I chopped a whole red onion, which I always get from the Boeve Farm at the Holland Farmers Market. 


I put both the onions and potatoes into a skillet with some olive oil to saute until nicely browned. Because the potatoes were steamed first, they were already tender. 


While the onion-potato mixture was cooking, I blanched the kale leaves by boiling them in salted water for about four minutes and immediately plunging them into an ice bath, then into a colander. 


Once the onions and potatoes were nicely browned, I chopped up the kale and put it into the skillet, adding salt to taste.

This medley made a delicious and nutritious accompaniment to Pork Piccata


Interested in other ways to prepare kale? CJ Veggies gave me a handout with suggestions, which you can pick up from them at the market if you live in the area. Here are the highlights: 

  • Make a kale salad
  • Add it to a fruit smoothie
  • Grill or bake it for kale chips
  • Add it to mashed potatoes
  • Saute with olive oil and garlic
  • Add it to scrambled eggs
  • Add it to stews and soups
  • Use the stems in soup stock

Thanks, CJ Veggies, for the great ideas, and for growing a variety of kale for us to enjoy in West Michigan!


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