More Than Just a Golf Course

I’m not a golfer so I’m not naturally drawn to golf courses, even for dinner. And, I admit that Clearbrook Golf Club in Saugatuck, Michigan, has rarely been on my radar screen even though it’s just a 15-minute drive from my home.

So why did Bill and I dine there tonight? It all started with Chef Jeff Kudrna at the Holland Farmers Market Chef Series demonstration back in June. He said Clearbrook is taking a new approach to their menu: local, organic, and seasonal. And, according to the menu, the Dining Room at Clearbrook emphasizes “organic, sustainable, and naturally raised products, sourced locally whenever feasible…and in collaboration with our friends at The Summertime Market in Douglas.”

Because it changes frequently, the above link may not be current if you’re thinking of going to Clearbrook sometime soon. Here’s a photo of the menu we were given tonight (tough to read, but at least it’s authentic!):

Let me say a little more about the menu….One thing I really like is the descriptions of the dishes, including the source of the food. For example, I enjoyed the Green Salad tonight, which was made with organic mesclun greens, Visser [Farms] blueberry vinaigrette, and D’s blueberries.

Bill had the Bean Salad with Coach Stop Farm house-cured smoked bacon.

And, there are choices for samplers like me, such as the Salad Flight with its trio of salads: the Green Salad, the French Salad, and the Bean Salad. Plus, all the entrées are offered as small plates, for less than half the price. This is a really great way to share several offerings from the menu, or simply eat light, especially since the portion sizes are more than adequate. After all, one of the flaws in our culture, I believe, is that we are conditioned to eat way more food than is necessary. I love that Clearbrook gives us smaller plates.

That said, I had all intentions of ordering a small plate but I just couldn’t resist the Local Small Farm Natural Beef Tenderloin full entrée. (Twenty years ago, I couldn’t have imagined those four adjectives preceding Beef Tenderloin on the menu. This is so important today in a world of industrialized food!)

Bill enjoyed the Roasted Stuffed White Marble Farms Pork Chop.

It just shows how being in the right place at the right time can have a big impact on your dining choices. If I hadn’t gone to the Holland Farmers Market Chef Series on June 19, I wouldn’t have heard the key words that made me want to go to Clearbrook: local, organic, seasonal. Thanks to Clearbrook and Chef Jeff Kudrna for giving us what we want: happy food!


2 responses to “More Than Just a Golf Course

  1. How was the fiddlehead/morel salad? I’ve never had a chance to try fiddleheads. Sounds really good. Haven’t eaten there in ages and it’s basically within walking distance. Shame on us.

    • Hey Scott,
      I didn’t try the salad with the fiddleheads…I think that was on their old menu. I had the green salad with blueberries, which was delicious!
      Yes, you should go sometime. It was really good food and you could taste how fresh the veggies were!

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