Where to Find Happy Meat

Some people don’t have a large enough freezer for storing meat bought in bulk from a local farmer. Or, they may not be able to find a farmer who raises happy meat, i.e., animals that are raised humanely on pastures of grass or natural food sources without antibiotics and hormones.

I just stumbled upon the Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) website, which I think is a good resource for people in the above situation. And, good for the rest of us to know about, too! Here’s some background about the organization, directly from the AWA site:

AWA was founded in 2006 as a market-based solution to growing consumer interest in how farm animals are raised, as well as the desire to know where their food is coming from and how it is produced. The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI), a non-profit charitable organization with a long history of reducing the sum total of pain and fear inflicted on animals by people, made the decision that it needed to create a separate division dedicated solely to certifying and promoting family farms that raise their animals with the highest welfare standards, and AWA was born.

The fundamental goal of Animal Welfare Approved is to improve farm animal welfare. Farms that are granted the AWA logo are annually audited and found to comply with rigorous animal welfare standards.

Seeing the AWA seal on meat, dairy and egg products gives consumers a way to identify products that come from humane farming systems, and it gives farmers a way to show their customers how they farm.

The Animal Welfare Approved standards are the most rigorous and progressive animal care requirements in the nation, and the only requiring the animals to be raised outdoors, on pasture or range. Continuously ranked as the “most stringent” of all third-party certifiers by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), Animal Welfare Approved systems go beyond a simple set of rules to benefit farmers, animals and consumers alike.

If you’re looking for Animal Welfare Approved products where you live, you can search their website.

I was happy to see one of my favorite suppliers, Crane Dance Farm, on the list for Michigan!


6 responses to “Where to Find Happy Meat

  1. Thanks, this is really useful!

  2. THANK YOU! We greatly appreciate your interest in our program and are thrilled to have your recognition. Also, stay tuned this fall for a new, improved searchable database on our website!

    Sign up for our listserve to stay informed of news, new farms and happenings in your neck of the woods.


    Beth and the AWA Team

  3. PS We’d love to be added to your blogroll too!


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