Herbalicious Recipes from the Holland Farmers Market

At the Holland Farmers Market Chef Series today, Tamara Elhart focused on herbs in her demonstration, “Herbalicious.” 

A caterer who runs a cooking class business out of her home, Tamara had several great recipes for using herbs from your garden and at the market: Mediterranean Herbed Olive Oil, Grilled Herb Burgers, Pizza Bianca, and Potato Crisps with Herbs. (You can link to her recipes on the Holland Farmers Market website.)

Like last Saturday, the skies threatened rain so the demo was held inside, but there was still a great turnout.

Tamara had lots of good tips about using herbs:

  • Refrigerate the Mediterranean Herbed Olive Oil at least one day for the flavors to develop.
  • Snip basil leaves from the top, which also encourages growth.
  • Cut herbs in the fall to use during the winter and for gifts at the holidays.
  • Preserve herbs by storing them in boxes of kosher salt.

The Pizza Bianca recipe is an easy one that you can do either on the grill or in the oven.

When making the Potato Crisps, Tamara used an old-style mandolin to make even slices.

Because of the switch to an indoor demo, she wasn’t able to make the Grilled Herb Burgers so she grilled one ahead of time, shown here with Potato Crisps.

Here’s what they look like before grilling.

Now is the time for using fresh herbs in West Michigan and in many places around the world that are in the peak of the growing season.

What recipes are your favorites?


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  1. Thanks for a guick guide on the Herbalicious Recipes from the Holland

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