I Like It When Restaurants Show Where Their Food Is Sourced

Bill and I occasionally eat at Bistro Bella Vita and The Green Well, two restaurants in Grand Rapids, Michigan owned by Essence Restaurant Group. Today, I stumbled upon this YouTube video about their farm-to-table approach in procuring vegetables. It’s great to know where their produce is sourced: Ingraberg Farms in Rockford, Michigan.

Check it out. If only all restaurants would do this!


6 responses to “I Like It When Restaurants Show Where Their Food Is Sourced

  1. One my favorite places to eat here in Texas is Potage’ Cafe in Arlington.
    She goes to great efforts to only serve locally grown and organic foods. As a result the menu changes daily.
    It is a treat every time that I go and I always feel better than when I walk out of Chili’s or some chain like that.


    • I know what you mean, Renee’. My husband and I have stepped up our standards when dining out. We really only go to restaurants that we feel are doing the right thing–local, organic, and grassfed when it comes to meat. (In fact, I’ll choose a vegetarian option on the menu if the restaurant doesn’t provide a grassfed meat entree, which is a big sacrifice for a carnivore!)
      Thanks for the tip on Potage Cafe. If I’m ever in Arlington, I will check it out!

  2. Well, I would not say that I go as far as you. I love to eat, a little too much, and so I do not turn down the not so earth friendly options. I just take them when I can.

    I am glad that I found this blog. I look forward to more interesting posts.
    Thanks for taking the time.

  3. Marcia,
    Just started following and I already love this blog, I love finding jems like this! I hope to one day open a restaurant in Reno that is as sustainable as possible and only serves local and ethically raised meats and produce… my only hesitation is that I am not sure if Reno is ready for something like that yet…

    Keep filling your sustainable appetite!


    • That sounds like a wonderful idea, Kristyn. I have hope that sustainable eating and food production will be the way of the future. Keep following your dream, and thanks for visiting my blog!

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