Where the Thimbleberry Grows

Last winter, while perusing articles about Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for an upcoming trip, I kept stumbling upon the Jampot. It seemed to be a must-visit kind of place. So, on our trip to the U.P. earlier this month, we stopped by.

The Jampot is a little confectionary shop in the Keweenaw Peninsula that’s operated by the brothers of the Society of St. John, a Catholic Monastery of the Byzantine Rite. They make jams, jellies, conserves, bakery goods, and confections.

And, in fact, on a Saturday morning in July, it was quite crowded. But waiting in line was a good way for Bill and me to make our jam choices.

In the end, we walked out with nearly a dozen jars of jam and two dark chocolate truffles.

It is definitely worth the visit because they make a variety of preserves that you wouldn’t find in your local grocery store, or even at your local farmers’ market. Such as thimbleberry. I never even heard of a thimbleberry until I went to the Keweenaw Peninsula. That’s because it usually grows in boreal forests or high altitudes. While we were hiking there, we saw tons of them.

Here’s the selection of preserves we brought home, minus a few that we’ve given away to friends.

Our first choice to try at home? Wild Strawberry, which has a very intense strawberry flavor…nothing like you’d ever buy in the store!

We think we’ll be ordering from the Jampot online to stock up for winter!


9 responses to “Where the Thimbleberry Grows

  1. This looks delicious! We might need to re-think our vacation plans to include a stop here.
    – Ian and Ellie

  2. We won’t be headed up north anytime soon, but thanks for the online store link – I definitely want to know what a thimbleberry tastes like!

  3. Yum! Nothing like good real jam. Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

    • We just enjoyed some more Wild Strawberry jam on toast this morning. It is amazing! Best strawberry jam ever.

      Thanks for your comment!

  4. Dionne Baldwin

    I *love* places like that. I’ve never heard of a thimbleberry but it looks like a candy truffle or something! That jam looks amazing. Strawberry is by far my favorite…

    • Thimbleberries were new to me, too, until that trip. I can’t believe we didn’t by thimbleberry jam when we were there! But I do plan to buy it online!
      Thanks for your comment, Dionne!

  5. stumbled across your article… glad you were able to stop at Jampot. It is definitely a treasure up here in Keweenaw County. If you are a fan of “spicy” things, you should order a pack of their Jalapeno Caramels. So delicious.

    • Thanks for your comment and recommendation, Rebecca! Good to know about the caramels. We really loved the Keweenaw and had a great trip.

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