When Plums and Blackberries Are in Season

I happened to cruise through this month’s issue of Bon Appetit just before I went to the Holland Farmers’ Market on Saturday. What caught my eye was a dessert called Vanilla-Scented Plums and Blackberries. It’s so simple and a perfect way to take advantage of what’s in season, at least here in West Michigan.

And there at the market, I found exactly what I needed: Santa Rosa plums and fresh blackberries.

So that’s what I made for tonight’s dessert when our friends Waltraud, Jo, and Isa came for dinner.

Generally, I don’t have a vanilla bean on hand but I picked one up at G. B. Russo’s Friday afternoon. I found the easiest way to cut the bean and scrape out the seeds is with a tomato knife.

Once you cut up the plums and mix them with blackberries, sugar, and the vanilla, you just leave the mixture at room temperature for an hour until it gets juicy.

Then you can put it in the fridge to chill until you’re ready to serve dessert. Bon Appetit recommends an accompaniment of sorbet or angel food cake. We tried it with Palazzolo’s mango sorbetto, wild berry sorbetto, and Breyer’s vanilla ice cream. All of them are good choices!


3 responses to “When Plums and Blackberries Are in Season

  1. kristinjennifer

    That looks delicious! Will definitely give it a try. Also, blueberries! Please see my post for great blueberry jam and cobbler recipes.

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