Frittata Over a Fire

Last winter I posted a frittata recipe as a suggestion for a quick, vegetarian meal–either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Ever since, Bill and I have been making them at least every couple of weeks for dinner. They’re easy, nutritious, and yummy!

But my frittata fetish really began a long time ago during camping vacations because it’s an easy meal to make over a campfire.

If you have veggies to use up after a couple days of camping, just saute them with olive oil and salt in an iron skillet on the fire grate. My friend Sandy and I made this frittata a few weeks ago while camping in Northern Lower Michigan. We started with chopped zucchini and onion.

Mix up some happy eggs, such as the ones we got from Grassfields.

Pour the egg mixture right on top of the vegetables and add some grated parmesan cheese. Then cover with foil.

The frittata is ready to eat when the egg is set. To keep it from burning, remove the skillet from the fire and leave the foil on. The hot iron pan will continue to cook the egg.

Cut into serving pieces.

Enjoy with toast, plus potatoes cooked over the fire the night before. And don’t forget a little Sunset Peach cider from Good Neighbor Organic Vineyard & Winery, or try a Bellini like Bill and I enjoy with our oat cakes!

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