California in the Lead, as Usual: Soon to Be Cage-Free

From The Huffington Post: Good news. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed A.B. 1437, a bill backed by The Humane Society of the United States that protects animal welfare and food safety. The new law requires that shelled (whole) eggs sold in California “must come from hens who were able to stand up, lie down, turn around, and fully extend their limbs without touching one another or the sides of an enclosure. In other words: California will become a cage-free state.”

Currently, laying hens are even more confined in cages. Proposition 2, approved by voters in November 2008, phases out the extreme confinement of laying hens in cages by 2015.

It’s one small step, but it’s in the right direction toward improving animal welfare in this country.


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