Guacamole and Quesadillas

While my friends Isa and Jo were visiting from Europe this summer, we made lunch together–meaning, Jo and Isa did all the food preparation and blog photography. Afterward, they wrote up the recipes and created the blog post–all in English, which is not their native language. Bravo!

Since they don’t get to eat guacamole and quesadillas very often where they live, we thought they’d be good dishes to try.

Here are the recipes we followed.

Serves 4

You need:
3 avocados
1 clove of garlic
1 green onion
a half of a large tomato
a half teaspoon of cumin
the juice of half of a lime
a tablespoon of mayonnaise
a pinch of cayenne pepper
salt to taste

(Optional: cilantro)

How you make it:
1. Slice avocado in two and scoop out flesh (smash with a fork)

2. Peel and mince the garlic
3. Trim and mince the green onion

4. Add the onion and the garlic to the avocado
5. Squeeze lime juice into avocado mixture; add salt and cumin

6. Chop the tomato and blend with avocado mixture
7. Add cayenne pepper and mayonnaise

8. Stir to blend
9. Chill in fridge (at least 30 minutes)

Serves 4

You need:
4 tortillas
olive oil
some soft cheese such as queso campesino

How you make it:
1. Heat a griddle until very hot
2. Meanwhile, slice cheese

3. Heat the tortillas until they get warm and soft

4. Add the cheese on one half of tortilla

5. Fold tortilla
6. Add olive oil to griddle
7. Fry quesadillas until they are golden brown and cheese is melted

Guacamole and quesadillas are a nice accompaniment to Cuban Black Beans and Rice, which we also enjoyed with our lunch.


17 responses to “Guacamole and Quesadillas

  1. Andreas Beckmann

    With such excellent recommendations, I can’t wait to try it! I wish I could have been there (and looking forward to being there!)

  2. Nice photography, girls! Good recipes and very good English. Quesadillas are one of my favs, and an easy one-pan meal.

  3. Waltraud Beckmann

    Terrific idea – getting kids interested in preparing local foods, learning to eat healthy, developing communication skills, and using technology. Truly a wholesome healthy mix, especially with an instructor like Marcia Davis – maybe not just for kids.

  4. hi isa, hi jo,

    I am deeply impressed! kann man euch auch für einen live-kochkurs engagieren? julius könnte einen benötigen ;-))

    ich wünsch euch tolle ferien und viel spaß in den staaten!
    margit, aus dem büro vom dcp 😉

  5. Sounds great 🙂 Unfortunately did not see avocados in Brasov, which means that I might have to go to Bucharest for them or wait till we meet in Vienna and you prepare it for a Sunday brunch. Have fun!

  6. Wow! This is really impressive – very professional (the blog, the pictures, the food) and a lot of fun!!!
    Looking forward to the next installment….

  7. I can personally vouch for this meal. It’s absolutely fantastic, and making me hungry just looking at the pictures!

  8. What a wonderful recipe for the summer!
    I am impressed with your project, Isa and Jo!!
    I hope,you will visit and we can enjoy this new
    recipe together. Liebe Gruesse!

  9. Dear Jo & Isa,
    We’ll buy the avocados, etc, if you’ll make the food!!
    Can’t wait to see you, with or without your cooking skills!!


  10. Claire McInerney

    Guac and dillas are favorite fare in our family. I’m going to try your recipe. Isa and Jo — thanks for the yummy photos and excellent commentary. In a few years you can enroll in the Natural Gourmet Culinary Institute ( in New York! You are talented girls — glad to see the photos of your lovely selves. — Claire

  11. Irene and Hans-Hagen

    We are very impressed and will try your wonderful recipe. Please, wish us luck!
    Thanks, Hans-Hagen and Irene!

  12. Barbara & Fritz

    Gustiös! Uns läuft das Wasser im Mund zusammen. Hoffentlich essen wir die leckeren Sachen bald zusammen in WIEN:
    Bravo für den Blog!!! Bussi from Berlin.
    Barbara und ITZI

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