Get Fresh and Leafy Green!

The Saturday Holland Farmers’ Market Chef Series continued today with Sybil Cathey, owner of The New Leaf Cafe (formerly Leaf & Bean Organic Cafe). (I missed it last week, but I still made sure to stop at my local–as in nearest to my campground–farmers’ market in Suttons Bay while camping in Leelanau County! Watch for that post coming soon.)

Sybil focused on a green theme with recipes such as: Cucumber Soup, Pineapple & Cucumber Salad, the New Leaf Cafe’s Famous Green Drink, a Smoothie with Green, and a Summer Cobbler.

It’s so important for us to get our greens each day. Sybil demonstrated some great recipes with ingredients you can get at the Holland Farmers’ Market every Wednesday and Saturday.

The Cucumber Soup is an easy meal to make in a blender. Just puree all the ingredients, chill and enjoy!

The Pineapple & Cucumber Salad looked delicious!

From there, it was on to smoothies….Both the Famous Green Drink and the Smoothie with Green looked refreshing–and healthy. Both are easy drinks to make in a blender.

Then it was on to the Summer Cobbler–made with blueberries, of course, because they are in season right now!

The New Leaf Cafe serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even ice cream. It’s a great place to go for soups, coffees, homemade baked goods, and sandwiches!

Plus, they have free Wi-Fi. It’s a cozy place to take a break, have a meal, and eat healthy.


2 responses to “Get Fresh and Leafy Green!

  1. Where is the New Leaf Cafe? A and I looked for it a few weeks ago, but clearly had the wrong street.

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