Farm to City Dining: Blue Hill, Manhattan

Last month, I had the pleasure of eating at Blue Hill restaurant in New York’s Greenwich Village. It was all part of a girl’s weekend with my friend Cathy, which began with dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, New York.

When we arrived at the Manhattan restaurant, we were given the option to try the tasting menu or choose from the regular menu. After our delectable farmer’s feast at Stone Barns the night before, how could we resist the tasting menu?

Although some dishes–such as the vegetable fence–were similar to the Stone Barns feast, we enjoyed a variety of in-season produce and locally raised meats, as well as an attentive wait staff who helped make our experience top-notch.

You’ll have to excuse the dark photos….I took them with my phone camera in order to be as discreet as possible, but they are darker than I’d like them to be. That’s the trade-off for a blogger dining in a restaurant that makes ambience a priority (which is definitely a priority for me!).

Here’s the vegetable fence, which you can also see in the Stone Barns post from last month.


Some of the other dishes we enjoyed were: a variation on gazpacho, poached eggs with fresh spring peas, and pasture-raised chicken.

And for dessert, of course we had strawberry canoli with ricotta since strawberries were in season, followed by homemade marshmallows with coconut and dark chocolate truffles.

When you try the tasting menu, it’s like Christmas Day for foodies: Every dish is a seasonal surprise, presented simply yet elegantly, and as fresh as can be. That’s because Executive Chef Dan Barber knows how to bring the principles of good farming directly to the table–making your dining experience an educational experience as well as a treat for the palate.


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