Visiting Farmers’ Markets in NJ and NY

This past weekend I missed the Holland Farmers’ Market Chef Series since I was out East visiting my friend Cathy for a girls’ weekend. But I had a great time checking out other markets in the area where she lives–and where I grew up!

We started our day on Saturday with a stop at the Suffern, New York farmers’ market, which is held in the bus station parking lot in the middle of town.

One of my favorite things about this market–and any of the ones in New York State–is that vintners are welcome to pour wine tastes! We enjoyed a couple of tastes from Whitecliff Vineyard.

What a cool way to start off the day! I haven’t looked into the State of Michigan’s rules, but I’m assuming pouring alcoholic beverages at farmers’ markets is against the law. Too bad. Any chance we can change that rule?

Next, because we were spending the day in New York City, I had to go to the Union Square Greenmarket, one of my all-time favorite farmers’ markets, and a pilgrimage destination whenever I’m in New York. They have everything there, and tons of vendors. (If you recall, I mentioned the increase in local, pastured meat vendors at the Greenmarket in my blog post yesterday.)

To finish off the tour, we went to the Ramsey, New Jersey farmers’ market today, which was held in the train station parking lot. I love that it’s open on Sundays so it doesn’t compete with other local markets. Plus, it’s great to have options on different days when you buy local!

They don’t call it The Garden State for nothing!

If you’re traveling this summer and  you want to find a local farmers’ market while you’re on vacation, just go to From meats to cheeses to jams, honey, and maple syrup–they’re more than just produce. And maybe you’ll get to taste some local wine, too!


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