Moujadarah with Curry

If you read my post earlier this week about processed meats and you need a vegetarian dinner idea, moujadarah is the way to go. Also spelled mujadara, it’s basically lentils and rice. There are many variations on this dish.

When I made it recently, I Googled “lentils and rice” instead of following the recipe I made in February. The Lentils and Rice with Fried Onions recipe on served as the inspiration for what eventually became dinner. Because Bill is a big fan of curry, I thought I’d add some just for fun. It was delicious!

I like the idea of frying onions for the garnish. I used red onions for the garnish because I only had a couple of yellow onions, which I wanted to mix with the lentils.

When I cooked the lentils and onions as the recipe instructs, I simply added a teaspoon of curry to the mix while it simmered.

Then I threw in some fresh chopped flatleaf parsley.

For additional garnish, I chopped some fresh tomatoes and added olive oil, salt, and more parsley. Then I topped the moujardarah with this mixture, as well as the fried onions.

This is an easy recipe with plenty of fiber and protein. A great substitute for meat at dinnertime! A side of hummus and pita bread would complement this meal nicely.


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