Marie Catrib’s: Something for Every Taste Bud

Bill and I sure wish we lived closer to the Grand Rapids East Hills district. If we did, we’d be at Marie Catrib’s all the time. It’s not just that the food is so good, so real. It’s the way Marie Catrib accommodates the ever-growing dietary needs of people to make eating out an enjoyable experience. Her menu tag line, “Something for Every Taste Bud,” is right on.

Take Bill, for instance. With his allergies to wheat, corn, and (cow) dairy, it’s not unusual for him to ask the chefs in restaurants everywhere we go to compromise or improvise or substitute in a dish they serve. While I happen to enjoy this challenge in our household kitchen, I’m not running a business that serves food. I think it’s probably difficult to switch gears midstream in a commerical kitchen as orders are coming and going all night long.

What I like about Marie Catrib’s is that the menu itself offers numerous options that accommodate so many people: vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, carnivore, and flexitarian.

So, tonight Bill ordered the lentil and bean soup as a starter. I had several spoonfuls of it, too. Delicious!

Then he had the BLT, made with Creswick Farms bacon (the same place we buy our bacon via the West Michigan Co-op) and gluten-free bread! No accommodations necessary for Bill tonight!

I chose the Vegetarian Kibbe, and we shared an order of Marie’s Seasoned Potatoes. You can just tell the food is homemade when you eat it.

And, of course, my favorite part about eating there is that Marie Catrib’s is so in tune with the importance of farm-to-table eating. That was obvious, not only by the mention of local farmers on the menu, but also by the large chalkboard listing them for everyone to see in the dining room.

As it says on the restaurant’s website, “We do what we do, how we do it because we genuinely care about serving really good, quality food. Here at Marie Catrib’s, we take much pride in using locally grown and raised food whenever possible…. The more farms the better chance you will feel good about eating your food!”

I was happy to see some of the same farms we buy from on the list: Besides Creswick, Marie Catrib’s supports Crane Dance Farm, Mud Lake Farm, and Grassfields, with lots of others coming soon.

The place is full of happy food. It’s a real treat for your taste buds.

To read more about Marie Catrib–the restaurateur–check out the March 14, 2010 article in the Grand Rapids Press.


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