Fresh Herbed Goat Cheese


If you’re looking for a party appetizer and you’re allergic to cow dairy products, like Bill is, this recipe is an easy, tasty suggestion. What I made for a party tonight was inspired by Laura Klein’s Fresh Herbed Goat Cheese recipe from

Since two of the guys at the party don’t care for cilantro, and parsley is in the cilantro family, I substituted rosemary for parsley. And, because the lavender buds just popped out this weekend, I thought lavender would be a nice touch. All the herbs came from my yard: 





 Here are the herbs on the cutting board before chopping: 


And here’s the local chevre I used from Dancing Goat Creamery


First, I chopped the thyme, rosemary, and chives. Then, I simply pulled the buds off the lavender and added them to the mix. 


After a touch of black pepper, I rolled the cheese in the mixture and put it in plastic wrap. (You could use wax paper as an earth-friendly substitute, which I will do in the future once my plastic wrap is gone!) Then I stuck it in the fridge until party time! 


For those with gluten and corn allergies, you might enjoy Sami’s Bakery Millet & Flax chips as an accompaniment. You can pick these up at local health food stores (such as Nature’s Market and Harvest Health Foods in West Michigan). 


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