Request for Feedback: Do You Make Your Own Salad Dressing?

Today’s post is not my typical observation, rant, adaptation of a recipe, or sharing of food information. It’s a survey!

I’ll be honest: I’m helping out a group of grad students who are working on a product related to salad dressings and they’re interested in the following questions:

  1. Do you make your own salad dressings?
  2. Why or why not?

I’ll start: Yes, I do make my own salad dressings, for two reasons: 1) So I know what’s in the dressing (e.g., no preservatives or unnecessary ingredients); and 2) Because Bill is allergic to many dressings, which often contain dairy and/or corn products, such as high fructose corn syrup.

For the occasion, I made a salad to accompany our Lebanese Lamb and Potatoes dinner tonight. The salad ingredients include: fresh greens from our CSA (Mud Lake Farm), red onion (thinly sliced and soaked in water to take the bite out), dried cranberries, crumbled Creswick Farms bacon, and fresh chevre from Dancing Goat Creamery.

To make the dressing, you could do it two ways: Either put all the ingredients in a container to blend them first, or put them directly on the salad in this order: fresh lemon juice, olive oil, salt, balsamic vinegar, fresh ground black pepper.

So, what are your answers to the above two questions? Do you make your own salad dressing? Why or why not?


2 responses to “Request for Feedback: Do You Make Your Own Salad Dressing?

  1. Yes, I make my own salad dressing. Not all the time, but more than half, probably… because I have a specific flavor in mind to complement the salad ingredients I’m putting together, or because I’ve run out of a pre-made dressing. (Because I keep just a couple of options on hand and don’t restock immediately.)

  2. Clarissa at MMT

    Yes! My favorites are vinagrettes. I’ve also made ranch and bleu cheese. I like to know what’s in my dressings, too. I’m really trying to reduce processed foods on our plates.

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