My Rosemary Survived a Michigan Winter

And my friends are jealous. However, this is the first time it’s happened. Either I got lucky or I did something right this year. I’ll share my secret with you…Let me know if it works for you next winter.

I usually plant some rosemary right in the ground, in my herb garden outside the front door for easy access from the kitchen. This plant did not survive. The one that’s in the photo was in a pot–the same pot shown in the picture–and spent last summer on the patio, where it is now.

All I did was bring the pot into our breezeway, which faces south, and watered it occasionally when the temperature wasn’t too far below freezing. I think the combination of the sunny window and the cold–but not quite freezing temperatures–kept it going.

It sat right next to the flatleaf parsley, which I later noticed had aphids on it. But once I moved the parsley outside, the aphids disappeared. I’m sure some natural predator came across them in the garden and had a feast!

Now I have rosemary to snip all summer long again–a key ingredient for potato and lamb recipes!


2 responses to “My Rosemary Survived a Michigan Winter

  1. I tried the same thing this year myself. It was always so frustrating to see them die off each year. Now I have two pots of rosemary that are larger than they were last year and ready to be used. They overwintered in a three season porch. I only misted them occasionally.

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