Alfredo for Allergies

If you have a dairy or wheat allergy, like Bill does, and happen to like alfredo sauce–never fear. There’s an easy way to make a nice alfredo sauce for pasta with a few simple substitutions.

On Saturday night we made Spatchcocked Chicken Cooked Under a Brick with Basil Marinade (which I would have blogged about but I thought I already did–so, next time we make this recipe I’ll write a post!). On Sunday we had plenty of leftovers of this yummy basil-garlic-lemon-roasted chicken in the fridge. When Bill suggested a pasta meal for lunch, I immediately thought: Alfredo! It’s really easy to make and delicious, even without wheat pasta and cream.

I simply heat some olive oil in a skillet and add some brown rice flour to make sort of a roux. Then, slowly add rice milk to the mixture, stirring until thickened.

(Our roast chicken was very flavorful so I didn’t add much to the white sauce besides salt and pepper. But if you didn’t want to add meat, you could saute some pressed garlic and fresh herbs in the olive oil for a minute or two before adding the flour.)

I had some fresh basil left from the night before so I made basil chiffonade from the leaves and added them to the sauce.

Then I added the chicken.

Meanwhile, Bill got the pasta cooking. We use Pasta Joy brown rice spaghetti. It takes a little getting used to because it’s stickier than wheat pasta but once you have it a few times, you won’t even notice the difference.

For some added flavor, you could grate some pecorino cheese into the sauce (if you had a cow dairy allergy like Bill does, because pecorino comes from sheep).

But ours was so good with just this simple sauce because the chicken carried the flavor. We had roasted asparagus on the size–in season in Michigan!


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