The Fine Art of Greens

This is the second post documenting the Holland Farmers’ Market Chef Series sponsored by Visser Farms. Each Saturday between May and September, area chefs will demonstrate how to use fresh, seasonal, and locally grown ingredients to prepare a healthy and simple meal from the market. This is a unique feature for a farmers’ market, and we’re lucky to have this event every Saturday in Holland, Michigan.

Last week Jesse Hahn from Salt of the Earth restaurant shared some creative ways to use rhubarb.

Today, Pam Zinn of the Holistic Nutrition Center demonstrated “The Fine Art of Greens” as she showed us how to make a Green Smoothie, a Breakfast Scramble, and a Brown Rice Salad.

Accompanied by her daughter, Hillary, Pam showed us some creative ways to use local vegetables in some easy recipes.

It was all part of the Healthy Holland day, which took place at the Civic Center adjacent to the farmers’ market.

Watch this video to see how Pam prepares the Green Smoothie and Breakfast Scramble recipes. Then, go get your vegetables from your local farmers!

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