Basic Tuna Salad

First, the disclaimer: As I’ve said before, I’m really in a weird space about eating fish. It’s either unsustainably farmed or wild caught (with bycatch consequences), or it has too many toxins. I love fish but I hate this dilemma I’m in.

One of my favorite types of fish is tuna. Yes, the basic tuna you get from a can. I am still on the fence about this but feel pretty good about Wild Planet wild albacore tuna. Just read the label and see if you feel the same:

I also like the information they provide on the side label:

After searching for and finding a can of tuna I feel good about buying (yes, it was almost $4.00 a can, but that’s why one doesn’t eat tuna every day), I made a basic tuna salad for lunch.

All that’s in my tuna salad is onion, celery, tuna, mayonnaise, and hyssop (an herb I grow outside my front door).

First, I soak some red onion in water to take the bite out of it (and to prevent post-lunch onion breath).

Then, chop some celery….

Open your can of tuna and–with Wild Planet–be sure NOT to drain it or you’ll lose the Omega-3 oils!

Chop some hyssop (and some chive for garnish).

Mix the veggies, hyssop and tuna together in a bowl.

Add Hellmann’s mayonnaise.

Pile tuna salad atop Bibb and oak leaf lettuce from Mud Lake Farm (my CSA), seasoned with fresh lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Garnish with cucumber and chives.


2 responses to “Basic Tuna Salad

  1. Keasha Palmer

    Hi Marcia!
    After looking thru your blog, I must recommend a book to you if you haven’t already heard about it: “Slow Love” by Dominique Browning – she was editor of House and Garden and lost her job when it folded…moved to Rhode Island and started gardening – totally happy! I read an excerpt a few weeks ago…in the NY Times mag section, so maybe you saw it too. (I remember Bill had a letter in their Book Review section once!)

    • That sounds like a good book, Keasha. I just read a review of it on Amazon. Thanks for the suggestion!

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