Ham Roast II


I like the Ham Roast recipe I’ve been using over the last several months (and, believe me, we’ve had a lot of ham roasts because that’s what came from the butcher!) but this time I decided to get creative by improvising.

I like sage, rosemary, and thyme, and they’re all back in my herb garden after their winter dormancy.

So, what I did for this ham roast was chop some carrots and slice some onions….

Then I cut slits in the ham roast and put some sliced garlic in them, similar to the Beef Po’Boy recipe I make.

After putting salt and pepper on the meat, I rubbed some dried rosemary on it and dusted it with brown rice flour (to accommodate Bill’s wheat allergy).

I sautéed the onions and carrots in a Dutch oven and added some fresh thyme and sage leaves to the mixture.

Finally, I placed the meat on top of the veggie-herb mixture, added some white wine and water, and roasted it for about one and a half hours (for a 3-lb. roast), uncovered.

It was full of garlic and the savory medley of sage, rosemary, and thyme.

I served the roast with Kale Risotto and roasted fresh Michigan asparagus.


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