Holland Farmers’ Market: Opening Day!

Now that the Tulip Time festival is over here in Holland, Michigan, we can get down to business: buying and eating locally at one of the best farmers’ markets in the region. A few years ago, the City of Holland built permanent structures–just for our market vendors–which offer a nice shelter on rainy days and super hot sunny days.

It’s opening day at the Holland Farmers’ Market, which–to me–is equally as exciting as opening day for baseball. It means fresh vegetables and flowers are back. But that’s not all. Today I saw smoked whitefish from the Great Lakes for the first time at a vendor’s booth.

And my friends, Jill and Mary, from Crane Dance Farm have opened up a booth for the first time at the Holland market. They took the place of Providence Farms, from whom we used to buy our grassfed meat. (Check out the Grassfed Ribeye recipe I posted a couple months ago, in which I used a ribeye steak from Crane Dance Farm.)

I didn’t realize they had duck eggs and goose eggs!

It was a bit chilly and gray, but that’s typical weather here this time of year.

Follow my blog for the next six months as I post updates from the Holland Farmers’ Market each week!


3 responses to “Holland Farmers’ Market: Opening Day!

  1. I was so bummed to miss it today! Hope you saw Avril… she was thrilled to get baby potatoes, beets, and even some specially grown local raspberries. *Next* week! I’ll be there!

  2. And I ate those baby potatoes tonight with some pesto and parmesan cheese. Delicious!

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