Time 100’s Thinkers and Heroes Who Influence Our Food System

This year’s “100 Most Influential People” issue of Time magazine includes several thinkers and heroes involved with the food movement: Will Allen, Temple Grandin, Kathleen Merrigan, and Michael Pollan

Photo via Time magazine

Will Allen is an urban farmer who believes that “everybody, regardless of their economic means, should have access to the same healthy, safe, affordable food that is grown naturally.” 

Photo via Time magazine

Temple Grandin is a renowned animal scientist born with autism who, using her unique window into the minds of animals, has developed corrals for cattle that improve their quality of life by reducing stress.  

Photo via Time magazine

Kathleen Merrigan, Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, practically wrote the book on organic. (See the 1990 Organic Foods Production Act.) But she also supports conventional farmers. With the task of  shouldering a complex agenda, she claims, “I displease pleasingly.” 

Photo via Time magazine

Michael Pollan “thinks about the ethical bonds that connect our bodies, farms and food. In so doing, he has become an example to the rest of us.” 

Congratulations to them all. And thanks to Time for showing that the food movement is moving into the mainstream.


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