Start the Weekend with Organic Happy Hour


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It’s the weekend! What better day to start it off than with a happy food happy hour. Two articles in my news queue arrived today, coincidentally (or not, because it’s Friday?) about alcohol. 

Have you ever enjoyed organic wine? It’s hard to find, but there are some wineries that do make it. In Michigan, I found Douglas Valley, Michigan’s first organic vineyard, in a Google search but haven’t been there yet. 

The New York Times mentions Brick House Vineyards in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in May: “All the fruit is estate-grown and certified organic, and each season about 4,000 cases are produced and bottled by hand.” The winery is certified-organic and biodynamic. 

Oregon is on the leading edge, especially in the Willamette Valley, because of their sustainable, eco-conscious practices. That’s why it’s not surprising that they also have several brew pubs that use local ingredients. One that comes to mind, courtesy of my stepson, Ian, is Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland. Check out how they promote sustainability in their business–from the brewery to the building to the parking and landscape to the kitchen. 

The other source for organic happy hour drinks is The Daily Green. For organic cocktails–including spirits and recipes for homegrown herbs and produce–you can’t go wrong. I just wish I had read the article before I bought my Bacardi rum to make tonight’s mojitos.


5 responses to “Start the Weekend with Organic Happy Hour

  1. I always enjoy your writings, but this one ‘really’ got my attention…especially on a Friday. Thanks for all the ‘fare’ info. Much appreciated!!

  2. Catchy title, first.
    (thanks for fixing my typo…just like old times)

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