Food Apps to Help You Eat Better

I finally got a smart phone so now I actually pay attention to “apps”. And because I’m an info junkie, as well as a foodie, I love having new ways to find out more information about food! One of my favorite apps is Food Finder, which helps you find places to eat locally.

In yesterday’s Grand Rapids Press, there were a whole bunch more:


Shows users what foods are currently in season near them and what is coming in season soon. It also finds information about nearby farmers’ markets and food availability data from organizations like, the Natural Resources Defense Council and others.

Food Essentials Scanner

 This app lets you scan bar codes and then gives you data about the product, including the regular nutritional information as well as additives and allergens the item contains. 

Don’t Eat That

Similar to Food Essentials, this app concentrates on telling you everything it knows about ingredients, good and bad, so you can make a more informed decision about what you eat. 

Food Gauge

When you enter label info, this app uses a five-point rating system to tell you if a food will help with weight loss, be eaten in moderation, or be eaten sparingly.

I’d love to hear which food apps are your favorites!


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