More Than Everday Food at Everyday People Cafe

To celebrate our anniversary this weekend, Bill and I headed to one of our all-time favorite local restaurants, Everyday People Cafe, in Douglas, Michigan.

We like it because it’s small, intimate, and cozy. And we like it because the food is excellent and reasonably priced. On top of that, much of the food is sourced locally. And the staff is always friendly, attentive, and professional.

That said, I couldn’t resist the Colorado rack of lamb, which was last night’s special. I hesitated when I saw “Colorado”–a litte too far for a Michigan locavore’s palate. But the other side of the coin for me is animal welfare, when it comes to choosing food sources. When I asked our server if it was grassfed, he said yes. I was hooked. And so was Bill.

After a half bottle of Mawby’s Blanc de Blanc sparkling wine from Northern Lower Michigan, I enjoyed the Candied Pumpkin Seed & Fig Salad.

Because of Bill’s allergy to cow dairy, he asked for a substitute side dish to replace the mashed potatoes that came with the lamb. I really appreciate a chef who will accommodate food allergies. At Everyday People Cafe, our dietary tastes and needs have always been accommodated.

Here’s Bill’s Colorado lamb with rice instead of mashed potatoes. It came with a mint chimichurri avocado salad.

And here it is with the mashed potatoes:

You’d think that was plenty of food. Of course it was, but I opted to save two of my chops for another day so I could finish off the meal with a dish of Palazzolo’s vanilla gelato.

There’s nothing I appreciate more than the simplicity of vanilla. Even better, Palazzolo’s is local!

Bill and I enjoyed the slow pace of eating dinner at one of our favorite hometown eateries….a great way to celebrate our wedding anniversary without going far.


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