Over the Top: Rooftop Gardens for Restaurants

Chef Robert Del Grande at The Grove, Houston, TX. Photo via Bon Appetit

Have you seen the April issue of Bon Appetit magazine yet? Andrew Knowlton highlights ten restaurants in large cities that harvest herbs and vegetables from rooftop gardens. What a great way to offer local produce and make good use of rooftop space!

In the photo above is Chef Robert Del Grande at The Grove in Houston. 

Here are the other nine restaurants from the list: 

  1. Oliverio at the Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA
  2. Pura Vida, Atlanta, GA
  3. Frontera Grill, Chicago, IL
  4. Uncommon Ground, Chicago, IL
  5. Roberta’s, Brooklyn, NY
  6. Noble Rot, Portland, OR
  7. Gracie’s, Providence, RI
  8. Pyramid Restaurant & Bar, Dallas, TX
  9. Bastille Cafe & Bar, Seattle, WA

Have you been to any of these? Please share your reviews!


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