The Grocery Store Challenge

From writer Lynn Okura comes an article documenting her attempt at eating locally, ethically, organically—and on a budget. Inspired by the movie, Food, Inc., she was moved enough to change her eating habits.

Check out “Navigating the Grocery Store: An Attempt to Eat Real Food on a Budget.” She’s got some great tips and good stories about her experience at the grocery store, where she went with these goals in mind:

  • Buy less packaged, processed foods full of ingredients my grandma wouldn’t recognize, as Michael Pollan says.
  • Buy more fruits, vegetables and foods that are overall healthy, low in fat and nutritious.
  • Buy free-range meats that do not contain antibiotics and hormones.

I think she does a great job assessing what’s in the store and making healthy, smart choices.

What do you think?


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