Baked Ziti Redux

Even though I already posted a recipe for Baked Ziti back in December, I couldn’t help but post another–even easier–recipe. What’s easier than baked ziti? Baked ziti with a jar of sauce that’s so unique, so delicious, I can’t believe it’s not homemade.

Yet, in a way, it is homemade–made “at home” by G.B. Russo’s–a local gourmet food store in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It’s Russo’s Pinot Grigio Puttanesca Sauce. (On a side note, check out the origin of Puttanesca on Generally, it’s considered a Mediterranean sauce but the etymology of “puttanesca” is interesting!)

What’s unique–to me, at least–is the amount of olives in the sauce. All I did was saute some onions, add a few chopped Kalamata olives, pour in the sauce with a little dry red wine, and let it simmer while the pasta cooked. Then I mixed the sauce with the pasta in a lasagna pan.

Finally, I covered it with a Greek sheep’s cheese (for Bill since he can’t have cow dairy products), drizzled it with olive oil, and baked it for 10 minutes covered with foil.

I removed the foil for another ten minutes to brown the top.

It’s so quick and easy–good comfort food on a winter night.


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