When in Doubt, Make Falafel

Some day I’m going to learn to make authentic falafel. I have a good Lebanese recipe from my friends Carolyn and Fadi but haven’t had an opportunity to get the right ingredients and experiment yet.

In the meantime, our grassfed meat supply is running low so I decided to go with a falafel mix we buy at our local Mediterranean grocery store (Mediterranean Island in Grand Rapids, Michigan).

It’s made by Jerusalem Foods. Although it’s a bit spicier than I like (check out picture of the green chile pepper on the box), it’s still pretty good. And quick. The most time-consuming part is soaking the mix for half an hour before you simply spoon the batter into hot oil and fry the patties.

Turns out, a nice accompaniment is Moujadarah–a lentils and rice recipe–that I copied from a Lebanese cookbook (also from friends Carolyn and Fadi).

If that’s too hard to read, I found a similar recipe on Shahiya.com.

Both of these are nutritious, quick, and delicious vegetarian meals.


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