Relearning How to Eat

Last month I published a blog post about the upcoming junk food tax Romania is going to introduce in March. According to the Associated Press,  Romania is “moving to join the health conscious 21st century by proposing taxes on burgers, french fries, soda and other fast foods with high fat and sugar content.”

“We have to relearn how to eat,” says Health Ministry official Adrian Streinu Cercel.

Did you know that other countries impose similar taxes on sweets and junk food? For example:

  • Taiwan also recently floated a fast food tax.
  • Denmark and Austria have made artery-clogging trans-fats illegal.
  • Britain, Norway and Sweden have banned junk food commercials from TV at certain times of the day.
  • Norway has long taxed sugar and chocolate.

Yet Americans–living in one of the most advanced industrialized countries in the world–have not been willing to let the government impose on their diets. And we wonder why there’s an obesity epidemic.

Thankfully, Michelle Obama is doing something to help the kids in this country with her new “Let’s Move” program targeting childhood obesity. I suppose it’s The First Lady’s way to help Americans relearn how to eat.

But for many adults, relearning how to eat may be like trying to teach an old dog new tricks. Corporate food manufacturers aren’t helping the situation either.


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