Searching for Seasonal Ingredients

If you’re a locavore on the hunt for seasonal produce where you live, has created an interactive Seasonal Ingredienit Map that shows what’s in season in your state by each month of the year. (It’s similar to the NRDC interactive website that I blogged about last month.)

Very handy. Also very depressing if you live in the Snow Belt of the North. But at least they make recommendations for how to continue locavore eating habits. For example, in Michigan in February it says, “The growing season is currently dormant here. Opt for items from storage, such as apples, pears, and root vegetables.”

That’s exactly what we’ve been surviving on all winter, in addition to greenhouse lettuce from our CSA and other local produce from the West Michigan Co-op. Next year, however, I plan to do a lot of freezing: raspberries and lacinato kale from the farmers’ market and collards from my garden. Luckily, I froze plenty of zucchini to keep making zucchini bread this year.

Spring is around the corner, though. Soon it’ll be time to begin my garden planning! Stay tuned for what’s in store….


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