Good News for Organic Milk Drinkers

From The New York Times:

“The Department of Agriculture issued new rules on Friday meant to settle a dispute in the organic agriculture industry over how much time cows at organic dairies must spend grazing on pasture.

The ruling was cheered by many in the organic industry who said it would shore up consumer confidence in organic milk and could force some larger dairies in Western states to change how they operate.”

Good news for milk drinkers who have been skeptical about their source of organic milk.

Previously, the requirement was for organically raised livestock to have “access to pasture,” which means some dairies could put cows out to pasture “only during periods when the animals were not giving milk or would feed their animals almost exclusively on grain or other feeds.”

Beginning in June, new regulations demand that cows “must graze on pasture for the full length of the local grazing season.”

Read the full article. Then find a local dairy farmer to buy your milk from.


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