Michigan Macs in January?

Yesterday I published a blog post about how to find local produce where you live. I also mentioned how tough it is for us Northerners to get local produce this time of year, unless you plan ahead by storing your summer and fall harvest or find a producer who stores it and is willing to sell.

Because both Bill and I love McIntosh apples, we were thrilled to find that Wells Orchards, one of the producers who belongs to West Michigan Co-op where we buy local produce and meat, had a stash of Macs this month. So we ordered a peck and put them in a cooler in the garage, which is what a local farmer suggested to me last fall.

When berries are available, we love mixing them into our oatmeal, as I blogged about in September. In the fall, we switched to apples and were just about out of the bushel of Cortlands we bought at the Holland Farmers’ Market when we found our treasure at Wells Orchards.

Now we’ve got plenty to get us through Saturday morning oatmeal (cooked, not instant) for the rest of the winter.

Just cook the oatmeal for about five minutes; meanwhile, peel, core, and chop up an apple.

Add the chopped apple to the oatmeal, then mix in some cinnamon sugar and walnuts.

Stir it all up with a little cow’s milk, rice milk, soy milk, or almond milk–take your pick.

It makes a hearty breakfast!

4 responses to “Michigan Macs in January?

  1. yum. we do this too, and have some local apples still here on east end Long Island. We still have strawberries blackberries too in the freezer that are also great.
    Right now there are still cabages. and the cabages braised with the apples and apples cider….you will LOVE that. Thanks for the oatmeal 🙂

    • Hi Mary,

      Next year I will have my act together to freeze some berries. I really miss my raspberries!

      We have cabbage, too….planning on it with pulled pork for dinner tonight!

      Thanks for your comment, and your continued support!

  2. I do this with my oatmeal, too. Don’t peel the apples! The skin is loaded with nutrients and is wonderfully crunchy. When the apple pieces are so small and the apples are uncooked (unlike in pie), the skin really shouldn’t bother anyone.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Adrienne. I do like the apple skin but have been hesitant to eat it because I rarely find organic apples and the skin is where the nasty toxins like to hang out. Even though I have a veggie wash solution, I guess I’ve felt better about removing the skin in the past. However, this batch of Macs is from a farmer that uses as little insecticide as possible, so with a good wash, we should be fine. We’re planning on trying apples in the skin tomorrow with our breakfast oatmeal!

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