Detox: Day 5

Home stretch!

Today’s detox feast has been just as delicious as the previous days. This is the last day I’ll be eating 3 meals (as well as snacks) until Monday. Tomorrow begins the juice fast.

Detox Menu – Day 5

Breakfast: oatmeal with ground flaxseed, chopped apple, cinnamon, and soy milk; orange juice

Tea break: Temple of Health tea from Lemonjello’s

Lunch: Fresh lettuce from Mud Lake Farm with garbanzo beans, two hard-cooked happy eggs, olive oil and lemon juice; Wild Rice Soup

Dinner: Red Beans and Rice with ground turkey instead of pork; cole slaw with red onions and celery

Snack: Raspberries with ground flax seed and almond milk; chamomile tea


2 responses to “Detox: Day 5

  1. Enjoy your juice fast! We will cheer you on all the way! I love how you eased in with the detox menu plan. So sensible and gentle.

    • Thanks, Mary! It feels really good to eat that way, too. I’m amazed at how easy it is to slip back into eating habits that my body doesn’t like, e.g., two glasses of wine instead of one, or that grilled cheese sandwich that sits in my intestines for two days!

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