Another Reason to Buy from Your Local Farmer: Avoiding Warehouse Vermin

One of the news sources I use for my blog is the FDA. Here’s an excerpt from a press release the FDA sent on January 6 regarding food contamination at a warehouse in Tennessee:

U.S. Marshals seized bulk restaurant food product at Won Feng Trading Company, a food processor and warehouse in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Products included a wide variety of bulk restaurant foods, such as 44-pound bags of rice, fresh produce, and frozen food products susceptible to contamination by rodents, insects, or other filth.

The FDA had previously issued a Warning Letter to Won Feng in May 2009, citing numerous deviations from current Good Manufacturing Practice requirements, including ineffective measures taken by the firm to exclude pests. The firm stated in a June response to the FDA that it had corrected the violations cited in the Warning Letter.

In a follow-up inspection completed in November 2009, the FDA investigators found evidence of an active and widespread rodent infestation in the building, including live and dead rodents, rodent hair, rodent nesting material, evidence of rodent-gnawed food, and rodent urine. The FDA investigators also observed insect filth and live birds in the building, and found that the building had defects that could allow pests to enter food storage areas.

These unsanitary conditions and practices led the FDA’s seizure action.

Kinda makes you want to buy from your local farmer, doesn’t it?


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