Back to Basics: Farm to Table Restaurants

While in Colorado over the holidays, I visited two restaurants–one in Boulder and one in Denver–that promote a “farm to table” philosophy: going back to basics by sourcing local products in order lessen the impact on the environment. highlights some more. If you’re in California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, North Carolina, Virginia, or Washington, check out the site’s top ten picks for the most dedicated locavore eateries in the U.S.:

AR Valentien (La Jolla, CA)

Manresa (Los Gatos, CA)

Montagna at The Little Nell (Aspen, CO)

Woodfire Grill (Atlanta, GA)

North Pond (Chicago, IL)

Cinque Terre (Portland, ME)

Chester Creek Cafe (Duluth, MN)

Tupelo Honey Cafe (Asheville, NC)

Poppy Hill Tuscan Cafe (Fredericksburg, VA)

Trellis (Kirkland, WA)

In addition to the eco-friendly approach, farm to table food travels less so it’s better for you. And it just plain tastes good. Everybody wins, from farmer to chef to diner.

One of my favorite local farm to table restaurants is Electric Cheetah. What about you? I’d love to hear your suggestions for farm to table eateries around the country!


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