Farm to Table Eating at Salt


Another great restaurant Bill and I tried over the holiday weekend was SALT in Boulder, Colorado.

The philosophy at SALT is “a belief that the best food travels the shortest distance from farm to table, that menus should change with the seasons and that locally sourced ingredients, combined with European technique and innovative thinking make for a truly remarkable experience. Chef Bradford Heap and his staff have made a commitment to source local, organic, and fresh ingredients whenever possible.”

SALT sources much of their produce from the same farms that Duo (in Denver) does. However, like Duo, there’s no description on the menu about what ingredients come from which farms.

For example, we went for lunch and I noticed a source was listed next to each entree. However, it wasn’t clear to me which parts of the Roasted Squash Salad that I ordered came from Munson Farms since the entree included a variety of vegetables as well as goat cheese. I know now that Munson Farms provides produce but I had to either ask my server or look it up on the web. I’d really love to see more description on menus, especially in restaurants that promote a farm to table philosophy. Instead of simplicity and aesthetics dictating the menu design, how about more information about the sources providing the food?

Was the food good? Definitely. The Roasted Squash Salad was excellent, especially when accompanied by the Tuscan bean soup. And we were happy to see a grassfed burger on the menu, too!


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